PCB prototyping requirements for PCB designers

2019-08-19 22:26:01

PCB prototyping requirements for PCB designers

In the design of printed circuit prototypes, software knowledge only serves to control a tool, and as a designer, not only to control the operation of the software, but, more importantly, to apply it to the practice .

The application of prototype PCB design in theory, from the point of view of design, has the two most critical aspects: on the one hand, the designer's understanding of the concept of size in circuit design printed, it will directly affect the manufacture and use of printed circuit boards and the design of the component packaging, if the size is not designed properly, will affect the soldering of the component; however, with respect to the size of the printed circuit board with the chassis, if the size of the design is too large or too small, it will affect the printed circuit board. Apparatus. Based on the above considerations, Xiaobian provides an introduction to the dimensional design approach evoked in packaging design and the design of printed circuit prototypes.

The manufacturing process of the printed circuit prototypes was designed mainly from the point of view of the device: two main conditions: the absence of limitation of the case, the design is stopped according to the given size, the other one is at the bottom of the selected box. Design the size of the painting. The first of these two conditions is easier to fulfill, and the second requires the prototyping designer to stop thinking about the overall consideration and the exact size of the case.

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