X-ray inspection equipment X-ray use of PCB board

2019-08-20 14:31:49

X-ray inspection equipment is mainly used for PCB board inspection, BGA rework inspection, and solder inspection of samples, especially for solder joint inspection of electronic packages and PCB assemblies.

The X-ray machine is also equipped with a tilt function that allows tilt angle observation of the detected position to better identify anomalies. Of course, the use of X-ray inspection technology is not limited to the electronics industry. X-ray inspection machines can also be used to inspect other types of samples, such as products made of metal samples, glass, etc., as well as enclosed/packaged items in larger components. .

One of the great advantages of using an X-ray machine is that it is a "non-destructive" technology, so the electronics can be inspected without being affected, which is especially useful in quality control.

X-ray non-destructive testing equipment, non-destructive detection of the internal structure of the sample, and the formation of projection, for the detection of foreign products can be very good results.

The difference in the way of arranging and combining the material atoms (which can be understood as density) is different for the absorption and reflection of light, and the difference in brightness of the projected image map provides the technician with a long-term stable basis, which is another non-destructive test. Equipment ultrasonic testing can not be done.

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