Samsung faces a production disruption, key materials are restricted by Japan, and how many companies will be implicated?

2019-07-22 14:44:37

Recently, it is reported that Samsung may face a suspension of production crisis. The reason is that Samsung’s vice president’s visit to Japan seems to be not optimistic. It is suspected that Samsung may face a production suspension crisis.

Samsung has always needed to import high-purity hydrogen fluoride from Japan, and hydrogen fluoride is used as a semiconductor product. This material is extremely volatile and difficult to extract, so Samsung has been purchasing small quantities from Japan, and there is no way to stock, while Japan is in recent days. The restrictions were imposed, Samsung’s imports were blocked, and there is not much inventory. Samsung’s vice president personally went to Japan to discuss, but from the performance of the airport after he returned to China, the results of the negotiations were not very optimistic, if Japan Really restrict Samsung's high-purity hydrogen fluoride imports, what impact on Samsung?

Samsung's semiconductor products are sold to many mobile phone companies around the world. The summer is a new time period for major mobile phone companies. If Samsung's raw material supply is insufficient, the production capacity will drop, which will inevitably affect Samsung's delivery, thus affecting the entire mobile phone and other electronic products. Industry sales. If the market is out of stock as a whole, the price of the product will rise. And for the harm of Samsung, it is or will face production stoppage.

Samsung has stopped production, does it affect other companies? Companies that rely on Samsung screens will certainly be affected, but there is no other choice. BOE has become a screen supplier for some companies. But if you rely on Samsung chips and other components, you may also face the threat of discontinuation. So Samsung’s collapse is not purely a bad thing. To wipe your sweat, you must be prepared to develop your own core technology. What if Samsung is gone?