PCB prototype high-end board manufacturing, Juding circuit technology full control quality

2019-08-23 16:54:22

PCB prototype production refers to the trial production of printed circuit boards before mass production. The main application is the process of small batch trial production to the factory after the electronic engineer designs the circuit and completes the PCB. This process is before the product design is not completed and confirmed, that is, we understand the "PCB prototype production".

PCB prototyping surface treatment generally adopts hot air leveling spray tin, full plate nickel plating gold, organic solderability protectant (OSP), immersion silver, immersion gold, immersion tin, electroplated hard gold, chemical nickel palladium gold and other processes. To ensure good solderability or electrical performance, these processes need to fully consider the service capacity and service level of the service provider.

As a professional PCB design and PCB manufacturing factory, Juding Circuit Technology is based on advanced technology, specializing in high-speed, high-density PCB product service, adopting advanced cutting-edge production technology and high-quality raw materials, and strictly standardizing operating standards and input and output QC. Standards ensure that the delivered products reach the quality of the Seiko, providing customers with one-stop service for the rapid prototyping and assembly of PCB boards.

In the PCB prototype production, Juding Circuit Technology relies on professional team, standardized design management system, strict inspection, comprehensive control from schematic design, DFM, DFT, high speed, EMC, thermal design, etc., combined with rich design experience, fully evaluate Design and manufacturability, providing optimization solutions throughout the entire process, providing customers with a powerful service model for the development of PCB boards and small and medium-sized products.