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2019-08-26 20:11:38

Designing a circuit as an electronic engineer is a must-have hard work, but the principle design is perfect. If the board design is unreasonable, the performance will be greatly reduced, and even if it is serious, it will not work properly. According to the experience of the company's engineers, summarize the following points in the PCB design, I hope to give you some inspiration.

Regardless of the software used, PCB design has a rough procedure, which saves time and effort in order, so Juding Circuit Technology will introduce it according to the production process.

The schematic design is a preliminary preparation. It is often seen that beginners can draw PCB boards directly in order to save trouble. This will not be worth the candle. For simple boards, if you are skilled, you may skip. But for beginners, you must follow the process, so that you can develop good habits on the one hand, and the only way to avoid complicated circuits on the other hand.

When drawing the schematic diagram, the hierarchical design should pay attention to the fact that each file should be connected as a whole at the end, which is also important for future work. Because of the difference in software, some software may appear to be connected to the actual unconnected (electrical performance). If you do not use the relevant detection tools to detect, if there is a problem, it will be late if the board is ready. Therefore, the importance of doing it in order is emphasized again and again, and I hope to draw everyone’s attention.

The schematic diagram is based on the design project, as long as the electrical connection is correct, nothing to say. Below we focus on the specific PCB boarding process.

1. Making a physical border

The closed physical frame is a basic platform for future component layout and routing, and also plays a role in the automatic layout. Otherwise, the components coming from the schematic will be overwhelmed. But here must pay attention to accuracy, otherwise, the trouble of installation problems in the future can be big. There is also the use of arcs in the corners, on the one hand to avoid sharp corners of the workers, but also to reduce the stress. In the past, one of our products always had a case where the surface of the shell PCB was broken during the transportation process, and it was better to use the arc.

2. Introduction of components and networks

The frame that draws the components and the network should be very simple, but there are often problems here. Be sure to carefully follow the error of the prompts, and it will take more effort. The problems here are generally the following:

The package form of the component cannot be found, the component network problem, and there are unused components or pins. These problems can be quickly fixed.

3. PCB component layout

The layout of the components and the traces have a great influence on the life, stability and electromagnetic compatibility of the products, and should be paid special attention. Generally speaking, there should be some principles as follows:

(1) Placement order

First place the components in the fixed position related to the structure, such as power sockets, indicators, switches, connectors, etc. After these devices are placed, lock them with the lock function of the software so that they will not be moved in the future. Then place special components and large components on the line, such as heating components, transformers, ICs, etc. Finally place the small device.

(2) pay attention to heat dissipation

Special attention should be paid to the heat dissipation problem. For high-power circuits, those heating elements such as power tubes, transformers, etc. should be placed as far as possible in a distributed layout to facilitate heat dissipation. Do not concentrate in one place, and do not place high capacitance too close to avoid premature aging of the electrolyte.

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