PCB surface mount, machine (SMT) use sequence

2019-08-26 20:54:05

The SMT placement machine is the equipment used in the pre-reflow process. Not used in wave soldering. It is placed behind a dispenser or screen printer and is a device that accurately places surface mount components on the PCB pads by moving the placement head. 

Mounting components are not convenient for manual placement due to their small size. The SMT placement machine uses special glue to accurately and correctly place the patch components on top. 

Then reflow is performed. Reflow soldering: The reflow soldering machine heats the air or nitrogen to a temperature high enough to blow the printed circuit board to the component, so that the solder on both sides of the chip component melts and bonds to the main board. 

The welding is completed after cooling. For mounting components. 

Wave soldering: Wave soldering is to make the soldering surface of the THT through-hole component board directly contact with high-temperature liquid tin for welding purposes. The high-temperature liquid tin maintains a slope, and the liquid tin forms a wave-like phenomenon by special means. 

The pins of the plug-in are “wavy” to achieve soldering. For the soldering of THT through-hole components, such components are usually placed by hand.

SMT placement machine is the equipment used in the pre-reflow process, that is to say, the same SMT production line, the placement machine process is before reflow soldering!

At present, the development of China's placement equipment is quite familiar. China's wave soldering and THT through-hole plug-in parts machine technology is also very objective.

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