X-ray inspection in the PCB industry

2019-08-27 21:13:41

How can X-ray detection technology be better applied in PCBA? Let us first understand the development of the PCBA industry. With the development of high-density packaging technology, it also brings new challenges to testing technology. In response to new challenges, many new technologies are constantly emerging.

X-ray detection technology is a very important way. The BGA and assembly quality can be effectively controlled by X-ray inspection. Today's X-ray inspection systems are not only used in laboratory analysis, but have been used exclusively in many industries for board production. The PCBA industry is one of them. To some extent, X-ray inspection technology is a necessary means to ensure the quality of electronic assembly.

In the PCBA industry, BGA testing is gaining more and more attention. In order to ensure the quality of invisible solder joints during PCBA assembly of such devices, X-ray inspection is an indispensable tool. This is because X-ray inspection technology can directly penetrate the inside of the package to directly detect the quality of the solder joint. Since the packaging methods of current semiconductor product components are becoming smaller and smaller, this requires a better X-ray inspection device to ensure the miniaturization detection of product components.

The inspection equipment is very suitable for solder joint inspection of IC components. Its X-ray inspection has high-definition X-ray images, and it also has the function of analyzing defects (such as open circuit, short circuit, leakage soldering, etc.). Not only that, but the X-ray detector also has enough magnification to make it easy for producers to see detailed product defects to meet current and future needs.

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