PCB board manufacturing: the importance of testing PCB boards in process requirements

2019-08-28 15:28:12

In recent years, with the increasing functions of various portable consumer electronic products, and the volume requirements are getting smaller and smaller, the test board must require that the PCB board carrying electronic components be rapidly developed to be light, thin, short, and small. Among them, high-density interconnected circuit board (HDI) is widely used in mobile phone boards, tablet computers, semiconductor package substrates, and car satellite navigation systems. The demand for high-density interconnected circuit boards is increasing, and the uniformity of copper on the surface of the board is becoming higher and higher.

The increase in process difficulty makes the production difficulty increase. If there is a link error, it will cause significant losses. Therefore, the test board is manufactured before production, so that the risk of the entire production process is reduced and the board rate is increased.

The parameters of the copper wire of the high-density interconnected circuit board are one of the criteria for evaluating the pass rate of the high-density interconnected circuit board. Since any defect of the copper wire may evolve into a bad line, the yield may be lowered, the cost may rise, and the production efficiency may be A series of drawbacks such as lowering and prolonging the production cycle of the product, and the traditional template for testing the qualification rate of the copper wire parameters of the high-density interconnected circuit board is complicated and high in cost.

The CB test board is provided with a plurality of test pattern units, each of which includes a first test line, a second test line, a third test line, and a fourth test line.

The extending directions of the first test line, the second test line, the third test line, and the fourth test line are different from each other, and do not overlap each other, and the first test line, the second test line, the third test line, and the first test line The line widths of the four test lines are equal, the line width standard is set, and the line width of the test line in different extension directions is tested to determine whether the PCB board prepared by the same process is qualified, and the test structure is simple and low in cost. It is also easy to operate.

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