PCB prototype production: the difference between FR4 board and 3240 board

2019-08-29 15:25:06

Circuit Board 3240 Epoxy Board and FR4 Board are two popular epoxy boards currently on the market. Everyone said that FR4 is better than 3240. What is the difference between them?

Difference 1: FR4 flame retardant performance is good.

FR4 is an improvement of 3240 epoxy board. The flame retardant properties of FR4 epoxy board meet the international UL94V-0 standard. 3240 epoxy board has no flame retardant properties.

Difference 2: The color is bright.

The color of the FR4 is very natural, a little jade, and the color of the 3240 epoxy board is a bit blinking. It doesn't look very natural. Most of the colors are not very uniform.

Difference 3: FR4 is non-radiative and environmentally friendly.

The 3240 epoxy board is halogen-containing and is not environmentally friendly to the environment and the human body. Nor is it in line with the country's green sustainable development strategy. The FR4 epoxy board is the opposite.

Difference 4: FR4 dimensional stability is good.

FR4 dimensional stability is better than 3240, and during the pressing process, FR4 thickness tolerance control is much better than 3240, which is more suitable for processing.

Difference 5: FR4 can be self-extinguishing from the fire.

The FR4 has a natural extinguishing function in the event of a fire.

Difference 6: Low water absorption.

Its water absorption (D-24/23, plate thickness 1.6mm): ≤19mg, which is very helpful for its use in equipment such as wet transformers.

Because FR-4 epoxy board has good performance, it is now the material of insulating parts in electrical and electronic industries. Of course, 3240 epoxy board has a certain market due to its price advantage.

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