Calculation of dielectric constant of circuit board materials: PCB manufacturer provided by Juding Circuit Technology

2019-08-29 15:32:23

The dielectric constant of a circuit board is also called a dielectric constant, a dielectric constant or a permittivity. It is a coefficient representing the characteristics of the insulation capability and is expressed by the letter ε in units of law/meter.

It is a proportional constant that exists between electrical displacement and electric field strength. This constant is 8.85&mes;10 in the free space (a vacuum) of -12 times the method of drawing / m (F / m).

In other materials, the dielectric constant of the board may vary widely, often much larger than the value in vacuum, the symbol is eo.

In engineering applications, the dielectric constant is often expressed in terms of relative dielectric coefficient rather than absolute values. If eo exhibits a dielectric constant of free space (yes, 8.85&mes; 10 to -12 power F/m), and e is the dielectric constant in the material, then the relative dielectric constant of the material (also called dielectric) The constant) is given by: ε1 = ε / εo = ε × 1.13 × 10 to the power of 11

Many different materials have a dielectric constant of more than 1. These materials are often referred to as insulator materials or insulators.

Commonly used insulators include glass, paper, mica, various ceramics, polyethylene and specific metal oxides. The insulator is used for alternating current. The foam is made of polystyrene, polyvinyl chloride, polyurethane and other resins to make polystyrene 2.2.6. The dielectric constant has a relative dielectric constant and an effective dielectric constant. The dielectric constant we usually speak is. It is the relative dielectric constant, and the relative dielectric constant of silicon is 11.9. (AC), Capacitor and transmission lines for sound waves (AF) and radio waves (RF).

When a capacitor plate is filled with a substance having a dielectric constant of ε, the capacitance becomes ε times larger.

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