Rogers material high frequency material circuit board manufacturer

2019-08-30 19:54:14

Juding Circuit Technology PCB manufacturer is high frequency microwave RF PCB board, microstrip circuit board, antenna circuit board, ARLON high frequency board, TACOINC high frequency board, Rogers high frequency board, F4BM high frequency board, RF circuit board, power division , the high-quality manufacturer of the coupler circuit board, we are dedicated to provide you with the latest and best ROGERS microwave RF board, high frequency microwave PCB board and other products.

High frequency board manufacturing instructions:

1. The high frequency plates commonly used in our factory are: Rogers ROGERS, TACONIC series, high frequency microwave PTFE circuit board, Teflon Teflon, PTFE circuit board

2. Commonly used stocks are Rogers 4000 series: RO4350B/RO4003C

3. The delivery time of the unstocked sheet of our factory needs to be confirmed to the sheet supplier. The supplier has an inventory delivery period of 1-7 days, and no stock needs to confirm the delivery date to the supplier.

4. All high-frequency plates can be mixed with FR4 plates and PP. Rogers 4000 series can be combined with FR4 mixed plates with RO4350BPP.

First, Rogers high frequency board materials are:

RO4003C, RO4350B, RO4360, RO4533, RO4535, RO4730, RO4232, RO4233, RO3003, RO3006,

RO3010, RO3035, RO3203, RO3206, RO3210, RO3730, RO5780, RO5880, RO6002, RO3202, RO6006

Second, the Taikenik TACONIC material model is as follows:

TLY-5A TLY-5 TLY-3 HT1.5 TLX-0 TLX-9 TLX-8 TLX-7 TLX-6 TLC-27 TLE-95

TLC-30 TPG-30 TLG-30 RF-30 TSM-30 TLC-32 TPG32 TLG-32 TLG-34 TPG35 TLG-35

RF-35 RF-35A RF-35P RF-41 RF-43 RF-45 RF-60A CER-10

Third, Yalong ARLON high frequency board materials are as follows:

AD255C03099, AD255C06099, AD255C04099, AD300C03099, AD300C04099, AD300C06009, TC600,

AD250C02055C, TC350, MCG300CG, DCL220, CUCLAD 217LX, CUCLAD 250GX, ARLON 55NT

Fourth, Wangling, Taixing high-frequency board materials are as follows:

F4BK225 F4BK265 F4BK300 F4BK350 F4BM220 F4BM255 F4BM265 F4BM300 F4BM350

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