The distinction between pcb coil board and module circuit board

2019-09-02 20:18:32

PCB coil board: The circuit pattern is mainly wound, and the circuit board is replaced by an etched circuit instead of the traditional copper wire. It is mainly used in inductor components, and has a series of advantages such as high measurement accuracy, good linearity and simple structure.

Module board, have you heard of modular, program modules? The so-called module circuit board is a collection of units that can realize a certain function. These modules are separately made into a circuit board, and they become a module circuit board. For example, the display board and the power board can be used as a module circuit board. For air conditioners, AD/DA modules, clock modules, etc., can be made into small circuit boards and plugged into the main control board for application. In this way, for different specifications of the air conditioner, if the power module is the same, the same type of power circuit board can be used, without redesigning, and reducing the cost.

In comparison, the coil plate is more portable, small in size and light in weight, with an openable coil for easy access and a wide frequency range. From the drawing, the coil plate has a very obvious difference, and there are many windings like fingerprints.

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