Core board pcb copper plating and nickel plating use and difference

2019-09-03 16:22:38

Electroplating is an indispensable process in the manufacture of core board PCBs. The plating of core board PCBs varies with the board's use. The following core board PCB manufacturers (Juding Circuit Technology) will briefly introduce the nature of copper plating and nickel plating. use.

The properties and uses of the core board pcb copper plating:

The copper plating is beautifully rosy, soft, ductile, easy to polish, and has good thermal and electrical conductivity. However, it is prone to oxidation in the air, which quickly loses its luster and is therefore not suitable as a "table" layer for protective-decorative coatings.

Copper plating is mainly used for the "bottom" layer of multi-layer plating of steel parts. It is also often used as a "bottom" layer for tin plating, gold plating and silver plating. Its function is to improve the base metal and surface or (or intermediate) plating. The bonding force also contributes to the deposition of the surface coating. When the core plate pcb copper plating is non-porous, the corrosion resistance of the surface plating can be improved, such as the advantage of the thick copper thin nickel plating process in the protective-decorative multilayer plating, and the precious one can be saved. Metal nickel.

The properties and uses of the core board pcb nickel plating:

Metal nickel has a strong passivation ability, and can quickly form a very thin passivation film on the surface of the workpiece, which is resistant to atmospheric and some acid corrosion, so the nickel plating layer has high stability in air. In the simple salt electrolyte of nickel, an extremely fine crystallized coating layer having excellent polishing properties can be obtained. The polished nickel coating has a mirror-like sheen while retaining its luster for a long time in the atmosphere. In addition, the nickel coating also has high hardness and wear resistance.

According to the nature of the nickel coating, it is mainly used as the bottom layer, the middle layer and the surface layer of the protective-decorative coating, such as nickel-chromium plating, nickel-copper-nickel-chromium plating, copper-nickel-chromium plating and copper-nickel plating. Wait.

Since the nickel plating has a high porosity, it is non-porous only when the thickness of the plating layer is 25 μm or more, so that the nickel plating layer is generally not used as the protective plating layer.

The core board pcb is widely used in various industries, and our life is filled with electronic products produced by various core board pcbs.

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