The most common maintenance method for PCB boards

2019-09-26 18:53:53 Juding Circuit Technology

PCB visual inspection method:

By observing whether the circuit board has burnt place, whether there is a broken place in the copper, whether there is any smell on the circuit board, whether there is a bad soldering place, whether the interface or the gold finger is moldy and black.

Pass-through method for PCB board repair:

Test all the components until the faulty component is found, and the repairing purpose is achieved. If a component that cannot be detected by the instrument is encountered, the new component is used instead, and finally all the components on the board are good. The purpose of the repair. This method is simple and effective, but it is powerless for problems such as through holes, copper breakage, and improper adjustment of potentiometers.

PCB circuit board repair comparison method:

Contrast method is one of the most commonly used methods for repairing circuit boards without drawings. Practice has proved that it has very good effect. By comparing the state of the good board with the purpose of detecting faults, the abnormality is found by comparing the curves of the nodes of the two boards.

State of the art of PCB board repair:

The state method is to check the state of normal operation of each component. If the state of a component does not match the normal state, the device or its affected component has a problem. The state method is one of the most accurate methods for all maintenance methods. The operation difficulty is not as good as that of a general engineer. It requires a wealth of theoretical knowledge and practical experience.

PCB circuit board repair circuit method:

The circuit method is to create a circuit that can work after being mounted with an integrated circuit to verify the quality of the integrated circuit under test. The method can determine the accuracy of 100%, but the number of integrated circuits to be tested is numerous, the package is complicated, and it is difficult to set up a circuit for all integrated circuits.

Principle analysis of PCB board repair:

The method is to analyze the working principle of a board. Some boards, such as switching power supplies, can understand the working principle and details of the engineer without the need of drawings. For engineers, it is very simple to know the schematic diagram.

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