PCB prototype manufacturer Juding circuit technology: high frequency pcb manufacturing requirements

2019-10-10 23:41:48 Juding Circuit Technology

The high frequency pcb board refers to a high frequency circuit board. High-frequency and induction heating technology currently has the highest heating efficiency and the fastest environmental protection for metal materials. It has been widely used in the process of hot working, heat treatment, thermal assembly and welding, and melting of metal materials. It can not only heat the whole workpiece, but also localized heating of the workpiece; it can realize deep heat penetration of the workpiece, or it can only concentrate on the surface and surface layer; not only can the metal material be directly heated, but also non-metal. The material is indirectly heated. Therefore, induction heating technology will be more and more widely used in various industries, and the manufacture and selection of materials for high-frequency PCB boards becomes particularly critical.

Let us introduce the manufacturing requirements for high frequency boards of PCB circuit boards.

One: drilling of PCB board high frequency board manufacturing

1: The drilling speed of the drilling should be slow to 180/S. Use a new one, and place the aluminum sheet on the top and bottom. It is best to drill a single PNL, and the hole should not be exposed to water.

2: Per-porous agent PTH hole template can be used with concentrated sulfuric acid (preferably not used) 30Min

3: The grinding plate copper line is the same as the normal double panel manufacturing process.

4: Special attention: high frequency PCB circuit board does not need to remove glue.

Two: anti-welding of PCB board high frequency board manufacturing

1: High-frequency PCB circuit board If you need to print green oil on the substrate to print green oil twice (to prevent green oil foaming on the substrate), you can not dry the plate before etching and tinning, only air drying. The first time to base, with 43T screen version of normal printing segmented baking sheet: 50 degrees 50Min75 degrees 50Min95 degrees 50Min120 degrees 50Min135 degrees 50Min15050Min degree, with the circuit board film exposure, after development can be polished, the second normal manufacturing process. Need to note in the MI: the first time using the circuit board film alignment.

2: If the high-frequency circuit board needs green oil, it is not allowed to grind the plate before the solder mask, and the red cap is covered in the MI.

3: If the high-frequency circuit board needs to print green oil on some of the substrates, and some green oil is not printed on the substrate, it is necessary to produce a “bottom film”. The base film only retains the green oil on the substrate, and then the bottom plate is baked. Carry out the second normal manufacturing.

Three: spray tin for the manufacture of PCB high frequency board

      It is necessary to add 150 degrees 30Min before spraying tin to spray tin.

Four: line tolerance of PCB board high frequency board manufacturing

     Unrequired line width tolerance of ±0.05mm is required to be made according to customer requirements.

Five: the board for the manufacture of PCB high frequency board

     To use the specified PCB sheet, according to customer requirements. Because the price of the plate is more expensive, only 1PNL can be opened with only 1PNL.

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