Select PCB manufacturer's considerations

2019-10-15 12:52:33 Juding Circuit Technology

    When choosing a PCB board manufacturer, it is necessary to select a professional PCB board manufacturer through comprehensive comparison. The PCB board produced by a professional manufacturer is more affordable, and the quality is guaranteed, and the after-sales service is more secure. Therefore, the pcb board batch is selected. Enterprises with strong production service capabilities are obviously less risky. The following is a detailed introduction of PCB board manufacturers (Juding Circuit Technology): Selecting four major considerations for board manufacturers.

1: Pay attention to the range of process capability of the PCB

    When choosing a PCB board manufacturer, try to choose a company with a wide range of processes and strong process capability to prevent the process involved from exceeding the manufacturer's production capacity and affect the delivery date. Therefore, when selecting a PCB manufacturing plant, you must first refer to the process in detail. It is required to prevent the circuit function from being affected due to insufficient manufacturing process.

2: Pay attention to whether the PCB board manufacturing equipment meets the demand

    Due to the different types of PCB boards, manufacturing requirements vary widely, and the level of equipment used is also different. When choosing a PCB board manufacturer, you need to contact the production sample selection adaptor, and try to choose a reputable PCB circuit board manufacturer, such as: (PCB board manufacturing manufacturer: Juding circuit technology, specializing in manufacturing 1-34 layers of various PCBs for process and special materials), and require manufacturers to have high-grade equipment, high-tech, high-automation production equipment and manufacturers of high-precision circuit boards with high quality.

3: Pay attention to the terms of the PCB board jigsaw

    Due to the special nature of PCB board production, the PCB board that needs to be assembled and shipped has the risk of single scrapping. The default PCB board manufacturer accepts the terms of the PCB board by default. If it is not accepted, it needs to be processed with the PCB board. Communication, usually the manufacturer will charge a certain fee. Therefore, it is necessary to choose whether to accept the terms of the jigsaw based on the situation.

4: Pay attention to whether the commercial products of the PCB board manufacturer have quality guarantees such as: (If the flying needle test is provided before leaving the factory)

    When selecting a PCB board manufacturer, it is necessary to judge whether it has a quality supervision system, such as: whether the product has passed the flying probe test before shipment, to avoid the late use of the circuit board due to quality problems, to prevent safety problems, should choose A trusted PCB board manufacturer.

The above is a note about choosing a PCB board manufacturer. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the PCB manufacturer provides the invoice receipt to see whether the tax on the invoice is in line with the market norms; also pay attention to the distribution problem of the circuit board, because such high-precision products need proper packaging and safe distribution.

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