TG PCB board advantage analysis

2019-10-17 19:04:20 Juding Circuit Technology

With the rapid development of the electronics industry, especially electronic products represented by computers, toward the development of high functionality and high multi-layer, it is more necessary to have higher heat resistance of PCB substrate materials.

Advantage analysis of TgPCB board

    High Tg refers to high heat resistance. The emergence and development of high-density mounting technology represented by SMT and CMT makes the PCB board more and more inseparable from the substrate in terms of small aperture, fine wiring and thinning. Thermal support.

    High Tg printed circuit board When the temperature rises to a certain area, the substrate will change from "glass state" to "rubber state". The temperature at this time is called the glass transition temperature (Tg) of the plate, that is, Tg It is the highest temperature (°C) at which the substrate remains rigid. Ordinary PCB substrate materials not only soften, deform, melt, etc. at high temperatures, but also show a sharp drop in mechanical and electrical properties. Generally, the Tg plate is 130 ° C or higher, the medium Tg is greater than 150 ° C, and the Tg ≥ 170 ° C PCB printed circuit board is called a high Tg printed circuit board. The Tg of the substrate is improved, and the heat resistance, moisture resistance, chemical resistance, and stability of the printed circuit board are simultaneously improved and improved. The higher the TG value, the better the temperature resistance of the sheet, especially in the lead-free process, the high Tg application is more.

    Therefore, the difference between general FR-4 and high Tg FR-4 is that it is in the hot state, especially under heat absorption, the mechanical strength, dimensional stability, adhesion, water absorption and thermal decomposition of the material. There are differences in various conditions such as thermal expansion, and high Tg products are obviously better than ordinary PCB substrate materials.

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