How to import and export excellent PCB design rules

2019-11-01 22:43:40 Juding Circuit Technology

In PCB design, the Design Rule design rule is the key to the success of a PCB design. The intent of all designers, the functional manifestation of the design is driven and realized by the soul of the design rules. The intricate and detailed definition of rules can help designers to work in PCB layout and routing, saving engineers a lot of energy and time, helping designers to achieve excellent design intent, and greatly facilitate the design work.

The entire PCB design needs to follow the rules definition. Including the most basic electrical rules (pitch, short circuit break), wiring rules (line width, routing style, via style, fanout, etc.), plane rules (power ground plane connection, copper connection); and others Commonly used auxiliary rules such as layout rules, manufacturing rules, high-speed design rules, signal integrity rules, and so on. After the design is complete, you can also review the Design Rule Check to revisit your design to see if any violations have occurred and to improve and improve.

This tip solves the problem 1. Introduce how to import and export design rules in Altium Designer, and use the excellent and reasonable rule settings (valuable design experience) of other designs for my use, without having to create them manually.

How to import and export excellent PCB design rule settings:

In the PCB design, long-term experience and continuous improvement process, you have explored and summed up a very good design experience. These design experiences are reflected in your thoughtful and well-designed design rules. These rule settings have a strong reference for similar PCB designs in the future. Or the rule definitions in a design file that you have encountered very successfully are highly matched to your needs, and you want to borrow and then change them. what can we do about it?

Altium Designer has already considered this for you. Successfully applied design rules can be saved as a file export and copied in a new design and imported.

Each rule setting in the design rule can be imported into the PCB Rules and Constraints Editor dialog. You can save and load your favorite design rules between different design projects.

To export - Right-click anywhere in the rule tree on the left side of the rule settings page and select Export Rules Export from the drop-down box. The exported rules are saved as PCB rule files with the suffix name (*.rul).

To import - Right-click anywhere in the rule tree on the left of the rule settings page, select the import rule Import Rules from the drop-down box, then browse to the required PCB rules file and open it.

It is the selection of all the design rules, and the whole is exported and imported into your own design for reference. After importing, you can make appropriate adjustments according to your own design needs.

If you find that you only need to learn from a few rules in other PCB design rules, you can also choose a rule or a few rules to import and export.

So flexible to configure your own rule settings. In the export, only select a few rule types of interest, so that a purposeful import and reference.

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