Pcb board uses reverse R&D technology to reverse the board

2019-11-01 23:01:02 Juding Circuit Technology

Taking pictures is an art that records the moments in our lives. The photo frame is the carrier to record these beautiful past. Electronic photo frames have emerged from the production to the present, showing a strong market prospect. However, due to the cost, there has been no real large-scale market entry.

As an important means of reverse technology research, pcb board can reversely analyze the circuit board by reverse research and development technology under the premise that there are already physical products and circuit boards, and the technical documents of the original products and the silk screen printing production. The file is restored in 1:1 to quickly copy the original product.

For the electronic photo frame market, the use of pcb replication means not only shortens the cycle of product replacement, but also reduces production costs.

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