Intelligent high voltage vacuum circuit breaker copy board innovative solution

2019-11-04 21:39:06 Juding Circuit Technology

In addition to high-voltage technical barriers, the intelligent development of vacuum circuit breakers has brought unlimited business opportunities to the PCB copy board industry, such as three key technologies for implementing sensing functions, thinking judgment functions and execution functions, which can be realized through PCB board innovation. Chemical.

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At the same time: Shenzhen Juding Circuit Technology Co., Ltd. has made a lot of efforts in the secondary innovation of intelligent high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker PCB copy board, which solved high voltage vacuum insulation, high current vacuum breaking, rated current and temperature rise, mechanical characteristics. A series of technical problems such as vacuum arc extinguishing outdoor insulation and capacitive current breaking, small inductive current breaking, etc., can also be equipped with customized services such as lightning arresters or disconnectors according to user needs.

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