Teach you how to draw a simple PCB circuit diagram in seven steps

2019-11-05 23:41:54 Juding Circuit Technology

The PCB design schematic can be completed in seven steps.

(1) After designing the drawing size Protel 99/ Schematic, it is necessary to conceive the parts drawing. Set the appropriate size drawings. The so-called suitable drawing is based on the scale of the circuit diagram. The appropriate drawing size is designed with the schematic diagram. basis.

(2) Setting up the Protel 99/Schematic design environment The environment design mentioned here includes setting the grid size and type, cursor type, etc. Of course, most of the parameters use the default value.

(3) Rotating parts According to the needs of the circuit diagram, the user removes the parts from the parts library and places them on the drawing, and defines and sets the part number and part package of the placed parts.

(4) Schematic wiring With the various tools provided by Protel 99/Schematic, the components on the drawing are connected by electrically conductive wires and symbols to form a complete schematic.

(5) Adjusting the circuit The preliminary drawing of the circuit diagram is further adjusted and modified to make the schematic diagram more beautiful.

(6) Report output Various reports are generated by various reporting tools provided by Protel 99/Schematic. The most important report is the network table, which is prepared for subsequent board design through the network table.

(7) File saving and printout The final steps are file saving and printout.

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