How much is the PCB prototype manufacturing line width?

2019-11-06 22:15:55 Juding Circuit Technology 322

With the continuous updating of electronic products, new electronic products have entered thousands of households, but many friends have just begun to plan the time of pcb, not very clear production process, prototype manufacturing does not know how much line width is appropriate .

What is the appropriate line width for PCB prototype or batch board?

1. First, the width of the PCB power line is preferably above 40 mil, and the low is also above 25 mil, and the amount is wide when conditions permit.

2, other must also consider the actual current, generally 10mil can withstand a large current of 1A, according to the actual current to choose the appropriate line width.

3. The ground wire of the power supply should be wider than the line width of V+, and surround V+ as much as possible to reduce interference and reduce power supply ripple.

4, converted to mm can be simply recorded as the power supply is not less than 0.6mm, the power supply is greater than the power supply, and surrounded by the power supply.

At present, the mainstream in China is 6mil. However, when the requirements are not high, the more reliable 10 mil or 8 mil should be used.

Can a 3mil line width be made for PCB prototypes or batches?

        3mil can be done. As electronic products gradually become lighter, thinner, shorter and smaller, the volume is getting smaller and smaller, and the space for wiring the PCB design engineers is less and less, so when planning It is relatively compact, and many locals may be planned to be 3 mils.

        In order to cater to the constant demand of the mall, the pcb prototype board factory is constantly improving the production process. From the previous 6mil to the current 3mil, although the process capability has been raised, the cost is still relatively high, so 3mil Whether the pcb board is prototype or mass production, it will be more expensive than the average board.

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