Rect square hole design specification for PCB design

2019-11-06 22:27:56 Juding Circuit Technology

When the PCB prototype is manufactured for the square hole slot design, Juding actually emphasizes Rect (square hole slot) and does not use this design, you draw the effect. The actual production can not meet the 90 degree right angle, in fact, you can generate Gerber file verification.

Using Rect (square hole slot) will also give you an unexpected effect when the software version is not compatible with the high end. I believe that some PCB prototyping customers have already made a move.

If you have DXP10 and AD14 or AD15 board software on hand, you can use Rect to design the square slot and import the baseboard DXP10 to see the effect.

Certain customers who have just touched the PCB layout design will ask why they don't update the software.

Because the high version is unstable after all. (More than 80% of customers are still using DXP10 and AD14 drawing board, the old engineers who have been drawing board for many years should have a deep understanding), I hope to help you to avoid the above problems caused by Rect design square groove problem!

When PCB manufacturers do PCB prototype manufacturing, the correct slot design is to use SLOT design, such as the generation of GERBER effect, even if the design square slot software is also the default to generate elliptical long holes or round holes, round grooves (processor The production process causes the square holes and square grooves in the figure to be drilled and drilled, and the boring tool and the drill itself have a diameter (such as a 1.6mm, 1.8mm boring tool and a drill), so the corners of the square hole A 45 degree fillet with a diameter of 1.6 mm or 1.8 mm is produced, and the right angle formed by a round knife at a right angle is not formed in place.

The size formula of the angle: the hole size *0.2 is compared with a 1.6mm knife punch (1.2*0.2 equals the residual angle 0.24mm or 1.6*0.2 equals the residual angle 0.32mm). You can compensate the groove length according to this formula.

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