PCB prototype manufacturing four-layer board is more common than three layers

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PCB prototype manufacturing four-layer board is more common than three layers

With the continuous development of technology, the previous common PCB single and double panels have now developed to four, six or more layers, so there is no three-layer board, the answer is yes, the three-layer board is relatively rare, then why the circuit board Four-layer boards are more common than three-layer boards.

1, the same price

The difference between the two process costs is that there is one more copper foil and bonding layer on the four-layer board. The cost difference is not big. When the board factory quotes, the general 3-4 layers are quoted as a grade, and the price is even (more than multiple layers). ) To define, for example, your 5-layer board, the other party will quote according to the price of the 6-layer board, that is, the price of your design 3 layers is the same as the price of 4 layers of your PCB design.

2, the same process

It can be manufactured in four layers. Generally, one copper foil is pressed on both sides of a CORE, and a copper foil is pressed on one side of the three-layer board. In terms of the process, it is necessary to press.

3, pcb process is stable

In the PCB production process, the four-layer board is better controlled than the three-layer board, mainly in terms of symmetry. The warpage degree of the four-layer board can be controlled below 0.7% (IPC600 standard), but when the three-layer board is large in size The warpage will exceed this standard.

This will affect the reliability of the smt patch and the entire product, so the average designer does not design the odd layer, even if the odd layer realizes the function, it will be designed as a pseudo even layer, that is, the 5 layers are designed into 6 layers, 7 layers. Designed as an 8-layer board.

The above is the pcb prototype manufacturer to introduce the pcb board why the four-layer board is more common than the three-layer board, I hope to help everyone.

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