The general single-sided pcb board is washable

2019-11-11 21:49:01

Many friends may not know that the pcb board can be washed with water. The following is added: pcb board factory: (Juding Circuit Technology) to tell you about: The general single-sided pcb board can be washed and washed.

The general single-sided pcb board is washable

       Can the PCB board be washed with water? The general single-sided pcb board can be washed, because the single-sided pcb board is not high, so the production process can be washed with water, double-sided pcb board or multi-layer pcb board may not be washed.

        How to maintain it after washing? This is a very critical issue. The pcb board is easily oxidized and it is best to wash it again with alcohol or detergent. If there is dirt on the pcb board, it is recommended to rub with alcohol or anti-white water, do not use water, so the quality is more secure.

Note that the double-sided pcb board should not be washed after drilling, and the multi-layer pcb board can not be launched.

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