PCB material glass fiber price increase

2019-11-14 20:19:15 Juding Circuit Technology

Beginning in the 2018 New Year, China's glass fiber companies intensively issued price adjustment letters, making the whole industry first ushered in the first year of the New Year in early 18th. Glass fiber is one of the important PCB materials, and the price increase will have a certain impact on the PCB industry chain.

Analysts said that although the price of glass fiber has been steadily increasing in 2017, the previous single increase was more than 100 yuan per ton. It is rare to see a large collective increase in this way. Since August 2017, the shortage of supply in the glass fiber industry has begun to appear, and the price of products has also risen.

Although glass fiber manufacturers attributed the price increase to the cost impact in the price adjustment letter, analysts have said that this is related to the environmental protection and production concentration in the past year. At present, Juding Circuit Technology, which provides global PCB manufacturing services, has not raised the price for this purpose.

The price increase is most affected by the relationship between supply and demand. After the early environmental protection inspectors shut down many small and medium-sized enterprises, the orders were transferred to large-scale production enterprises, which caused the manufacturers to have a hot spot for downstream orders. After the increase in fiberglass, it will be difficult to rise again in the short term. It is expected that with the increase in infrastructure construction rate after the Spring Festival, there will be a small increase in the market.

The reshuffle of the current industry brought by environmental inspectors not only increased the price of the glass fiber market, but also aggravated the concentration effect of the industry. At present, the main production of China's glass fiber is concentrated in East China and Southwest China. At the same time as the industry released a letter of price increase, the oligarchs also announced that they would accelerate the expansion.

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