What material is used for the PCB board of the 5G base station?

2019-08-18 10:14:31

What material is used for the PCB board of the 5G base station? The 5G base station PCB uses Rogers PCB board.

Rogers high frequency printed circuit board material selection guide

Rogers is the world's leading supplier of specialty materials and has always maintained a leading position in the industry with its new materials and solutions.

• Established in 1832, one of the oldest listed companies in US history.

• With the world's leading advanced circuit board materials, it has achieved a breakthrough in high frequency and high performance of wired and wireless communication circuit boards worldwide.

• Product coverage for the most demanding circuit applications, including: custom materials, commercial grade materials, prepregs and adhesive films.

• Major markets: wireless base stations, aerospace and defense, automotive, high-speed electronics, etc.

This information mainly relates to products:

RO4000 series material: Hydrocarbon filled ceramic laminate, excellent cost performance.

Highly reliable TMM® series: rich dielectric constant, DK from 3.27 to 2.85, extremely low temperature variation, excellent mechanical properties, resistance to creep flow and cold flow.

High thermal conductivity 92ML series: Epoxy resin + high thermal conductivity ceramic powder filled with high thermal conductivity, high withstand voltage electronic materials, UL MOT150 ° C, the same medium thickness withstand voltage is higher, 8mil> 4500 VAC.

High reliability RT/Duroid 5000/6000 series: Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) filled with ceramic or random glass fiber laminates for consistent batch consistency and extremely stable electrical performance. Focus on high reliability, high stability applications.

The products covered in this document are mainly used in:

Mobile communication RF power amplifier circuit & antenna, microwave millimeter wave antenna, satellite broadcast LNB, microwave communication, millimeter wave radar and optical communication, high performance high speed digital circuit multilayer board, high power and high thermal conductivity, automotive electronics, power supply, etc.