Wave soldering and reflow soldering of pads in pcb design

2019-08-18 10:14:31

PCB layout is designed to avoid the use of a single large pad between two interconnected SMD components in the PCB designBecause the solder on the large pad will pull the two components in the middle, the correct way is to separate the pads of the two components and connect them with thinner wires between the two pads. If the wires are required to pass a large current. Several wires can be connected in parallel;

There must be no through holes on or near the pads of the SMT components during PCB design.Otherwise, during the reflow process, the solder on the pad will melt away along the through hole, which will result in a virtual solder, less tin, and may also flow to the other side of the board to cause a short circuit.

The type of lead pitch (ie, pad pitch) of the axial device and the jumper should be minimized to reduce the number of adjustments of the device molding and improve the efficiency of the plug-in;

Solder solder lacquer should be added between the pads of the chip IC that requires wave soldering, and the tin pad should be designed at the last leg;

When the PCB design is not specifically required, the component hole shape, the pad and the component foot shape must match, and the symmetry of the pad with respect to the center of the hole is ensured (the square component foot is provided with a square component hole, a square pad; the circular component foot is matched Round element holes, round pads) to ensure that the solder joints are full of tin;

For components that need to be soldered after the tin furnace, the pad should be turned away from the tin position, the direction is opposite to the direction of the tin, and the width of the hole is 0.5 to 1.0 mm to prevent the hole from being blocked after the peak;

Increase the copper skin and increase the attractive force of the side pins to facilitate self-alignment of reflow soldering.

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