• PCB differentiation of HDI boards and blind buried vias

    HDI belongs to a kind of circuit board, which is called highDensityInterconnection. High-density interconnect boards Currently, high-end electronic products are generally HDI board products.PCB manufacturer from China - Juding Circuit Technology


  • How to prevent false soldering and solder joint defects common to PCBs in SMT surface mounting

    How to prevent false soldering and solder joint defects common to PCBs in SMT surface mounting PCB surface SMT placement, PCB prototype SMT surface mount, SMT batch surface mount - Juding circuit technology, consulting mail


  • Deep analysis of PCB boards and integrated circuit areas

    The current PCB circuit board is mainly composed of the following: We are a PCB board manufacturing supplier from China, we can provide you with one-stop services such as PCB prototyping, supply chain service, PCB surface SMT placement service, PCB design, etc.


  • PCB printed circuit board design high frequency wiring skills

    High-frequency circuits tend to have high integration and high wiring density. The use of multi-layer boards is both necessary for wiring and an effective means to reduce interference. Provided by PCB circuit board manufacturers from China


  • Common problems and solutions for PCB surface SMT placement

    Common problems and solutions for PCB surface SMT placement We are a PCB board SMT surface assembly factory from China. We can provide one-stop service for your products from PCB prototype board to batch board, component procurement, to SMT surface assembly, and even PCB design.


  • Several ways of classifying PCB

    With the rapid development of 3C products and the electronicization of traditional home appliances, the application range of printed circuit boards is becoming more and more extensive. Printed circuit board is generally referred to as PCB (Printed Circuit Board) or PWB (Printed Wireboard). It is the basic component in the electronics industry. It is used in 3C products such as electronic watches, mobile phones, computers, etc., even in military weapons. PCBs can be seen on communication equipment and space shuttles.


  • About PCB design and development

    The design of the printed circuit board is based on the circuit schematic diagram to achieve the functions required by the circuit designer. The design of the printed circuit board mainly refers to the layout design, and the layout of the external connection needs to be considered. Optimized layout of internal electronic components. Optimized layout of metal wiring and vias. Electromagnetic protection. Various factors such as heat dissipation. Excellent layout design can save production costs and achieve good circuit performance and heat dissipation. Simple layout designs can be implemented manually, and complex layout designs need to be implemented with computer-aided design (CAD).


  • About PCB/PCBA SMT Surface Mount Components

    SMT is a surface mount technology (surface mount technology), the English full name of Surface Mount Technology, is currently the most popular technology and process in the electronics assembly industry. It is a type of leadless or short lead surface mount component (referred to as SMC/SMD, Chinese called chip component) mounted on the surface of a printed circuit board (PCB) or other substrate surface. Circuit mounting technology for soldering and assembly by means of reflow soldering or dip soldering.


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