PCB Layout

PCB design company from China - Juding Circuit Technology, professional PCB design, PCB layout, PCB copy board, PCB cloning, PCB copy, PCB bom copy, PCB prototype manufacturing, PCB batch manufacturing, PCB surface SMT mounting, component procurement To provide you with one-stop PCBA service, our contact email: judingdianlu1@163.com

PCB design layout:

* 1-34 layer PCB design Layout

* LED Electronics - Solar Electronics - PCB Design Layout

* Smart Home - Security Electronics - PCB Design Layout

* Consumer Electronics - Home Appliances - PCB Design Layout

* Industrial control electronics, industrial computers, servers and other PCB design Layouts

* Medical Electronics - Beauty Electronics - PCB Design Layout

* Automotive Electronics - PCB Design Layout

* High precision PCB layout, PCBA cloning

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   PCB design Layout flow                                                               

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standard packaging:

Inner packaging: electrostatic bag + foam

Outer packaging: foam + carton

Special packaging is customized according to the actual conditions of the product.